Wine: Poppy


Type: Pinot Noir

Origin: California – Monterey County

Year: 2007

Cost: $15.00

Rating: 8.5/10

Value: 8/10

Alcohol: 13.5%

Our opinion:

A decent Pinot Noir is hard to find when you’re shopping with a budget of $20 and under.  This wine was recommended again by the folks at The Wine Bin in Ellicott City, when I asked for a wine to drink along side a coq au vin.  Everyone really enjoyed this wine.  It was very easy to drink, smooth, tasty, and balanced.  There was no awful “I’m going to have a hangover” taste to it like the Mirrasou Pinot Noir has despite it’s cheap adequateness.

I’d say this wine complemented, yet did not interfere in any way with, the food we enjoyed with it.  I think this wine would also taste delicious on it’s own.  Even those less familiar with red wines would enjoy this wine.  It’s very popular and several stores report selling out of this pinot frequently, as it is hugely popular with their customers.

Bottle Says:

Great Pinot Noir, like the Califonia Golden Poppy, thrives in cool coastal climates.  Our poppy Wines are a blend o fseveral carefully selected vineyards, all located in cool regions and meticulously farmed for intense ripe flavors.  We employ minimalist winemaking and use only a touch of oak because we feel the best flavors are those derived naturally from the soil, sun and grape.  We recommend serving this wine between two and seven years of its vintage date.

Others Say:


“Fresh, light, a tad sweet. This Pinot Noir has a very light color and is very refreshing… drinks like a darker Rose. Great with chicken, fish, sushi.

“This was the first wine I tried that I really liked, and I ended up buying 3 bottles. It’s very accessible, but still has a distinctive Pinot character. I’m not good with descriptions, but I’ve never offered it to anyone who wasn’t very surprised at how good it was. If you’re a beginner in wine, track this one down and give it a try.”