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Cat Amongst the Pigeons 2007 “Nine Lives” Shiraz

Winemaker: Cat Amongst the Pigeonscat amongst the pigeons nine lives shiraz 2007

Name: Nine Lives

Type: Shiraz

Origin: Barossa Valley Australia

Year: 2007

Cost: $16.99

Rating: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Alcohol: 14.5%

Our opinion:

For a special occasion we went all out and chose a random but pricier (not by much though..) bottle of red wine to enjoy along side a delicious meal of grilled lamb loin chops and a mezze of various finger foods and salads. This was a random selection from a local liquor store, and we probably chose it because the bottle looked neat and the points rating was high.. but still we went in blind.Cat amongst the pigeons shiraz with lamb loin chops

Naturally we aerated the wine before enjoying it but man was it good. The shiraz was complex, inky, rich, with hints of berry and oak. We raved about it the entire meal and were so sad when it was gone. Although the price tag placed it out of our everyday wine range, we would buy it again in a heartbeat for any small occasion if we could think of one. I’d easily say it was twice as good as many half as expensive wines, if not more.

We highly recommend this wine, and not only for the cute little cat silhouette on the bottle.

Others Say:

Wine Library: “The red wine lineup begins with the 2007 Shiraz. Opaque purple-colored, it has an enticing perfume of spice box, blue fruits, and smoked meat. This leads to a savory, ripe, full-flavored wine with layered fruit, excellent balance, and a lengthy close. Drink it over the next four years.”

Cellar Tracker comments:

Dark purple,knock you over scents and flavors, long finish, with a cheese plate of stinky rind washed cheeses it was the equivalent of the fruit on the side

“dark colored. the nose is lush with blackberries, chocolate and black plums. well-structured, this is not a flabby, hi-c, weak-kneed shiraz, rich fruit is balanced by strong tannins, medium acid and secondary flavors of pepper, bacon and chocolate. not overly alcoholic. a silky, fruity finish. nice qpr for sure.”

The Bottle Says:

Drink in moderation – then have a catnap!

Big House California white wine

I was making a seafood dish (linguine with shrimp and lemon oil to be exact) and wanted a white wine to go with it. We picked up Big House White last minute due to the fact that out of all the wines under $15, listed below it was a 90 point rating (out of 100) from wine enthusiast. We tend to agree. A big red wine lover myself, I usually do not like the pungency or, as one friend described, “baby vomit” taste of Chardonnay, yet Rieslings tend to be a bit to sweet. This had a perfect combination of light sweetness, yet not a sweetness that overpowers the meal. I frequently took sips between bites of pasta and shrimp and they complemented each other very well. Before dinner was even over, the bottle was empty. At $8.99 a bottle, this was well worth it.

winemaker’s notes:
A blend of 56% Malvasia Bianca, 22% Muscat Canelli, 18% Viognierand 4% Rousanne.

Big House wines are a rebellious mix of nontraditional grape varieties destined to give the imbiber a new experience. This year’s tipple is reminiscent of the Franco-Italian battle for the ’06 FIFA World Cup. The flamboyant Italians represented by Malvasia and Muscat Canelli and the much more austere and serious French led by Viognier and Rousanne.