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Cleaning up your spills… here comes spotbot!

This might not seem like a wine-related product, oh, but it is!

We received the Bissell 1200B SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner as a gift recently and it works wonders! Between our dog and our wine habit, and the dog’s habit of knocking wine off the table, it’s a relief to have one of these on hand. It’s not the cheapest thing out there, but it made a great gift to us.

You add water and cleaning solution, set it down on the stain, hit the on button, and walk away… About 5 minutes later spot bot has cleaned your carpet to good-as-new condition! It works particularly on stains or spots, and we used it with old set stains and a new one and it worked just as well for both.

Amazon had a new version and a remanufactured one at a discount. Being cheapos we registered for the remanufactured one, which works great and I see no problems with! Here are both:

Two thumbs up on one glass of red down.

An Elegant, Idiot-Proof Bottle Opener

Remember that time you accidentally stuffed part of a demolished cork back down into a wine bottle in an attempt to open it with a cheap or broken corkscrew.. and you had to strain your wine through a piece of cloth to get the particles out? Or the times you needed two friends to hold the bottle down on the ground while you pulled with all your might to get the cork out?
Or maybe you don’t remember those times, but you’re wondering what I’m getting at anyway?

As a Christmas present I bought one of these fabulous corkscrews off of Amazon and can’t believe we lived without one before. Whether you drink wine every day or only occasionally, you should have something like this to avoid the frustration and embarrassment of a corking problem.. you will never have one again!

You simply clamp the arms of this MIU Connoisseur Corkscrew around the neck of the bottle, pull the handle over the top, and then pull it back to the original position and the bottle is opened and ready to pour! It comes with a stand, a foil cutter which does the trick, and a replacement corkscrew, I suppose for when the first one goes dull. Some people review a product before using it, but we’ve put this baby to good use over the past 6 months, and are happy to stand behind it! At under $20, even CheapoWinos can afford it. It also makes a great gift!