Wine: Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum

Type: Malbec Rose

Origin: France

Year: 2007

Cost: $9.99

Rating: 9/10

Value: 8.5/10

Alcohol: 12.5%

Our opinion:

I’ve been wanting to try a rose for awhile, but I’ve been scared away by their purported dryness. However, I found this wine to be crisp, clean, fruity, smooth and easy to drink. (Maybe a little too easy…) It wasn’t particularly sweet, but neither was it very acidic. It had a nice tart, berry taste. All in all, a very pleasant wine served chilled on a hot summer day.

Winemaker Notes:

France-This lovely, fresh Rose made from 100% Malbec is from the Cahors region, famed as the original home of Malbec. It has aromas and flavors of fresh strawberries & red cherries. It is both dry and easy to drink. Another smashing success from Georges Vigouroux, the ‘King of Cahors’. {Crisp/Soft, Strawberry, Cherry, Light-bodied}”

Others Say:

” I opened this to have with some grilled salmon, but I may have (accidentally) finished most of the wine before the salmon was done. An excellent wine for a hot summer day, not one of those foul “cough-syrup-sweet” pink wines I associate with the name “rose'”. I will definitely get a case next trip to the store.”

” 07 Vintage. Simple dry rose with crisp lemon and strawberry fruit. Nothing ground breaking, but simple and enjoyable.”