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Cat Amongst the Pigeons 2007 “Nine Lives” Shiraz

Winemaker: Cat Amongst the Pigeonscat amongst the pigeons nine lives shiraz 2007

Name: Nine Lives

Type: Shiraz

Origin: Barossa Valley Australia

Year: 2007

Cost: $16.99

Rating: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Alcohol: 14.5%

Our opinion:

For a special occasion we went all out and chose a random but pricier (not by much though..) bottle of red wine to enjoy along side a delicious meal of grilled lamb loin chops and a mezze of various finger foods and salads. This was a random selection from a local liquor store, and we probably chose it because the bottle looked neat and the points rating was high.. but still we went in blind.Cat amongst the pigeons shiraz with lamb loin chops

Naturally we aerated the wine before enjoying it but man was it good. The shiraz was complex, inky, rich, with hints of berry and oak. We raved about it the entire meal and were so sad when it was gone. Although the price tag placed it out of our everyday wine range, we would buy it again in a heartbeat for any small occasion if we could think of one. I’d easily say it was twice as good as many half as expensive wines, if not more.

We highly recommend this wine, and not only for the cute little cat silhouette on the bottle.

Others Say:

Wine Library: “The red wine lineup begins with the 2007 Shiraz. Opaque purple-colored, it has an enticing perfume of spice box, blue fruits, and smoked meat. This leads to a savory, ripe, full-flavored wine with layered fruit, excellent balance, and a lengthy close. Drink it over the next four years.”

Cellar Tracker comments:

Dark purple,knock you over scents and flavors, long finish, with a cheese plate of stinky rind washed cheeses it was the equivalent of the fruit on the side

“dark colored. the nose is lush with blackberries, chocolate and black plums. well-structured, this is not a flabby, hi-c, weak-kneed shiraz, rich fruit is balanced by strong tannins, medium acid and secondary flavors of pepper, bacon and chocolate. not overly alcoholic. a silky, fruity finish. nice qpr for sure.”

The Bottle Says:

Drink in moderation – then have a catnap!

Tin Shed Melting Pot Shiraz (2005??)

Wine: Tin Shed “Melting Pot”

Type: Shiraz

Origin: Australia

Year: 2005 (????)

Cost: $35.99 ??

Rating: 10/10

Value: 8/10

Alcohol: ??%

Our opinion:

This wine probably shouldn’t be on a cheapo wino blog, but every now and then you have to treat yourself, to see what you’re missing. We went to the Antrim 1844 for a dinner the other evening and each had a ($15) glass (!!) of this wine before we ate. It was amazing! Honestly I cannot remember a Shiraz this delicious and balanced and perfect tasting. Nothing was too strong, nothing was weak, it wasn’t too heavy or light or spicy or fruity or sweet or dry. Everything just seemed right. Every sip was delicious and exciting. If you want to splurge, you need to know what on. We were told that there were no more of these bottles available for purchase anywhere; the Antrim had bought them all out. However, I see it on both Corridor and Total Wine & More websites. Corridor in Laurel seems to carry it, but if anyone goes there and looks for it, let us know if they have it in stock!

We unfortunately don’t know the year, but all the years have great reviews and > 90 points for their ratings, so my guess is you can’t go wrong.

Merchant Reviews:

Barossa Valley, Australia- The Melting Pot Shiraz offers wonderful aromas of cassis, black pepper and licorice. This rich and full-bodied Shiraz encompasses remarkable flavor intensity and a lengthy finish. {Intense, Licorice, Currant, Full-bodied}”

Others Say:

Bright and aromatic with lovely fruit characters. The palate is smooth with spice and fruits.

“A stunning offering, the 2005 Shiraz Melting Pot reveals flamboyant aromas of cassis, black pepper, licorice, and espresso roast. This medium to full-bodied, pure, rich Shiraz offers another example of the seamlessness of this vintage.”
– Wine Advocate (#167, Oct 2006), 91-94 pts

Twin Wells Shiraz 2005

Wine: Twin Wells

Type: Shiraz

Origin: South Eastern Australia

Year: 2005

Cost: $7.00

Alcohol: 14%

Purchased: Corridor Wine & Spirits, Laurel, MD

Rating: 4/10

Value: 4/10

Our opinion:

Eeengh. That’s about all we have to say on this one. We drank it… but there was a glass left on the table, which means it couldn’t have been that good. Cheap price, cheap wine. Not worth it either way. Move on!

Others Say:

Winemaker Review: “South East, Australia- Fresh fruit and ripe tannins surround this medium-bodied, smooth and spicy Shiraz. Aromas of dark ripe fruit, chocolate and vanilla are supported by a palate of spicy plum, blackberry flavors and a velvety smooth finish. Enjoy with BBQ, hamburgers, or kebobs. {Fresh, Plum, Medium-bodied}”

From Total Wine:

Undrinkable; had to pour it down the sink. :-(“

“Skip it”

One person liked it though:

“If I had read the previous reviews, I probably would have missed this gem. Unbelievable for $7. Very smooth.”

Washington Hills Shiraz 2005

Wine: Washington Hillswashington hills shiraz

Type: Shiraz

Origin: Columbia Valley, Washington, USA

Year: 2005

Cost: $7.99

Alcohol: 13.5%

Purchased: Corridor Wine & Spirits, Laurel, MD

Rating: 5/10

Value: 5/10

Our opinion:

We enjoyed this bottle of wine before, during, and after a meal of carry out curry dishes from Indian Delight in Catonsville. The wine is fine…drinks easy enough.. but it’s not great. It comes at a lower price tag than others we’ve reviewed, but also lacks any intriguing flavors in our opinion. Next to other cheap wines it’s not bad but we wouldn’t purchase this one again. If it came down to this and a bottle of Vendage or Boordy, I’d go with Washington Hills, but if you have full run of the wine shop, keep looking!

According to other reviewers, it seems that the Washington Hills Cabernet Merlot blend is a great choice. Perhaps we should give that one a try before writing them off, because at 7.99 a bottle, cheapos are happy.
Others Say:

Tasting notes: “Notes of black cherry and hints of smoke fill the nose of this deep red wine. Sweet black cherry flavors continue on the palate finishing with smooth silky tannins.”

Silverwing 2005 Shiraz Grenache Mclaren Vale

Wine: Silverwing

Type: Shiraz Grenache

Origin: Australia

Year: 2005

Cost: $9.99

Alcohol: 14.5%

Rating: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Our opinion:

Yum! A good blend of shiraz and grenache for a decent price. Certainly not too light, but with a good amount of flavor. We also promise that while this wine is good, it clocks in at 14.5% alcohol and will indeed get you drunk without you knowing it! Let it sit a bit before drinking, it has a few years behind it already! Recommended.

Others Say:

“McLaren Vale, Australia- Interesting blend of Shiraz and Grenache full of dark fruits. Explosive flavors of blackberry, plum, perfumed raspberries and hints of pepper and spice lead to a generous finish with some earthy tones. Enjoy with spicy dishes, pork chops or hearty stews. {Intense Fruit, Berry, Medium-bodied}”

Blue Flame Shiraz 2006

Wine: Blue Flame

Type: Shiraz

Origin: France

Year: 2006

Cost: $8.99

Alcohol: 13%

Rating: 6/10

Value: 7/10

Our opinion:

Not a bad shiraz … and certainly the bottle is different with it’s blue and orange coloring.. For the price a decent choice. Not top of the line, but not very expensive either. The taste was good but seemed to end abruptly as well. Maybe the French take a slightly different approach to a Shiraz than the Aussies we’re used to drinking!

Others Say:

“France- This fruit-driven, crowd-pleasing Shiraz reveals a deep ruby/purple color, plush, straightforward blackberry and cherry fruit, beautiful purity. The ripe fruit is supported by a succulent texture and medium tannins. {Fresh, Cherry, Spice, Blackberry, Medium-bodied}”